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What is a Turkish Peshtemal Towel?

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Turkey, Turkey, Turkey… a country with a rich history, beautiful cities, delicious food and amazing weather. Oh and one mustn’t forget the peshtemal.

So what is a Turkish peshtemal towel?

Peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel. It is actually spelt as peştemal in Turkey but it can also be spelt as peshtamal or pestamal. According to some sources, the word peştemal comes from the Persian language and is pronounced as “Püşt-mâl” and means ‘the covering of’

Here’s a brief history… Peshtemal is thought to be the oldest textile clothing recognised in the world. Peshtemal has been used in Anatolia for centuries; it is part of the Turkish cultural heritage. It was used as a cloth to cover yourself, to wipe places, to wear in the hamam (traditional Turkish and Roman baths) or to wrap yourself to protect your clothes from getting dirty. Today, its use has changed and somewhat diversified

What are Turkish peshtemal towels made from and where are they made?

Peshtemal is made from 100% Turkish cotton and they are produced on manually operated looms. Peshtemals are made by local families in a town called Buldan, which is in Denizli (Turkey). Peshtemals are traditionally rectangular however, with the increased demand in the market the shapes and sizes now vary.

Why should you buy a Turkish peshtemal towel?

The demand for peshtemal has increased over the last 10 to 15 years primarily because it is an amazing product and has many positive qualities. It is better than a traditional towel because it is lightweight, absorbent, dries quickly and takes up less space so is a great alternative. It is also a very versatile. Peshtemal can be used everywhere where people meet with water. If cared for properly, peshtemal can be used for many years and the fascinating thing is, the longer you use them the softer and more absorbent they become!

How is peshtemal pronounced?

Peshtemal is pronounced as pesh-te-mal.

What is a fouta towel?

A peshtemal may also be called a fouta towel.

What are hammam towels?

A peshtemal may also be called a hammam (or hamam) towel or a Turkish towel.

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