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Hello From Peshtemall

Peshtemall features unique products from Anatolia's rich cultural heritage and are made ethically with sustainable resources. Each piece in our collection is lovingly handcrafted by artisan creation; they are Anatolia's local artisans who use centuries-old traditional weaving techniques. Peshtemall's products are traditional textile products but contemporary in design.

These timeless products are good for you and the planet. We are honoured to be able to bring traditionally woven unique textiles to an audience who value authentic goods sustainably and ethically produced.

“We love what we do!”

manually operated loom to make cotton fabrics

Our values

At the core of our business, we advocate slow fashion and sustainability. Fast fashion, which is the overproduction of cheap textile products made primarily from plastic, causes severe damage to our planet during production and in its use (and purchase). Our products are made using 100% cotton or cotton and linen mix, they are of premium quality (so can be used for years) and they are versatile, lightweight and compact.

We always use plastic free packaging

We are consciously doing our bit for the environment at every stage, from production to packaging. Almost all of our packaging, from our cardboard to our tape, consists of paper and recycled materials.

Our promise is to respect our planet whilst running our business and to ensure that we are not harming the environment.

cotton field
women making natural cotton displayed on our story blog

Know our manufactures

We are really excited to say that at Peshtemall we work directly with local craftsmen or small family producers based in Anatolia with the majority being women. Whilst we focus on ethical trading, we also work with women to support female financial independence and empowerment.

As Peshtemall is a female run business, it is extremely important to us that we support other women along the way. 


Bringing you traditionally woven and sustainably produced timeless textiles.


Our products are with materials using cotton and linen!


Our materials and made with ethically sourced and non-toxic materials.

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