Care Instructions

Taking care of your hammam towel is really important particularly if you want to use it for many years. Here are some care instructions that we recommend:

1. When you purchase
When you first purchase your hammam towel soak it in cool water overnight. This will allow the cotton fibres to bloom and become softer and more absorbent. In the morning, wring the hammam towel and allow it to air dry completely before you wash it as per note two below.

2. Wash before you use
Machine wash your hammam towel at 30°C. Once washed, leave it out to air dry. We do not recommend that you tumble dry hammam towel because the heat can damage the cotton fibres.

3. No fabric conditioner or bleach
Harsh chemicals do not work well with cotton fibres. Bleach will damage the cotton fibres and fabric conditioner will reduce the absorbency of the hammam towel. Adding vinegar and/or baking soda to your wash once in a while helps to soften your hammam towel, kill bacteria and remove soap residue.

4. Low heat iron
If you want to iron your hammam towel, please ensure you iron using low heat.

5. Pulled threads
Avoid washing your hammam towel with items that have a zip or velcro because these might get tangled in the tassels or pull the cotton.