Throws & Blankets

Wrap yourself up in luxury with our 100% premium cotton throws & blankets. Our range is exceptionally soft with vibrant colours and patterns, making it perfect for adding some snug comfort to any living space.

Stylish folded handwoven blanket with a pearl pattern in petrol colour.
Stylish folded handwoven %100 cotton blanket with a herringbone pattern in grey colour.
Stylish folded handwoven large-size blanket with a diamond pattern in green colour.
Stylish folded handwoven extra large blanket with a chevron pattern in brown colour.
Stylish folded handwoven king-size blanket with a chain pattern in black & white colour.
Stylish folded handwoven cotton blanket with an eye-shaped pattern in burgundy & beige colour.
Stylish folded woven cotton blanket with a modern diamond pattern in lilac & half part of a beige colour.
Stylish folded soft cotton blanket with a gentle waves pattern in beige colour.
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Bringing you traditionally woven and sustainably produced timeless textiles.


Made with materials which are kind to the planet.


Made with ethically sourced and non-toxic materials.