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Elevate your style with timeless pieces from Peshtemall. Indulge in their traditionally handwoven hammam towels, scarves, blankets and dresses to add vibrant texture and unique beauty to your wardrobe. Refresh your wardrobe today with Peshtemall.

Stylish photo-shooting of the stripe navy tonal colours towel on the beach.
Beach towel with yellow and white colours stripes and knotted fringe hanging.
Towel in sea green colour with horizontal stripes and knotted fringe hanging.
Stylish photo-shooting of the denim colour towel with white stripes and knotted fringe.
Towel with thick colourful stripes and hand twisted & knotted fringe hanging.
Stylish photo-shooting of the double-sided a black colour towel with jacquard patterns.
Beach towel in plain blue colour with knotted fringe hanging.
Cotton towel with navy stripes and hand-twisted & knotted fringe hanging.
Stylish photo-shooting of cotton & linen towel with green stripes & knotted fringe on the beach.
Front image of a woman wearing an off-the-shoulder cream beach dress, tied around the waist, 100% cotton with hand-knitted evil eye detail.
Long cream 100% cotton summer maxi dress with v-neck and blue knitted blue patterns around the waist.
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Bringing you traditionally woven and sustainably produced timeless textiles.


Made with materials which are kind to the planet.


Made with ethically sourced and non-toxic materials.