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Different ways to use your Turkish Hammam Towel

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So one of the great things about a Turkish hammam towel is its versatility. The trick here is to buy a hamman towel (or two) that you love so that you can wear/ use as you wish. We have a range of beautiful hammam towels that can be used as Hammam towels or as a Scarf / Shawl. Below is just some suggested ways of using your hammam towel. You are free to be as creative as you like with your hammam towel and we would love for you to share photos of this creativity with us.


Peshtemal on the beach

Today a hammam towel is commonly used as a breach towel. A hammam towel is great to use on the beach because you can use it to wrap around your chest, as a sarong, you can lie on it and dry yourself after you’ve come out of the sea/ pool or showered. The best part is that you can easily dust off the sand. It is lightweight and can easily be rolled into any beach bag. Some of our favourite hammam towels that are ideal for the beach are Bahar Hammam TowelLara Hammam Towel and Antik Hammam Towel.


Peshtemal on holiday

Hammam towel is a great lightweight and compact towel to take on holiday with you, this can be a short holiday or even backpacking. You can use it as a towel, as a scarf or shawl or even a blanket to cover yourself during a flight. You can even roll it up and use it as a neck pillow. Our favourite beige pieces are Safranbolu Hammam Towel and Mediterranean Towel. Our favourite colourful pieces are Deniz Linen Scarf and Aya Sophia Linen Scarf.

I have to admit to something here! I spent some time travelling back in 2013 and at that time I was not aware of hammam towel so I carried a traditional terry towel with me for six months. It was bulky, it was heavy, I only used it as a towel and yes I was constantly trying to air dry my terry towel on the bus/ aeroplane to avoid it becoming damp and smelling. So long story short, I wish I was hammam towel wise back then :) Had Peshtemall been around then, I would have purchased the Papatya Hammam Towel.


Peshtemal in the bathroom

Hammam towels can also be used as bath towels. If like me, you like sets, then hammam towels come in different sizes, so you can have a large towel for your body and a smaller one for your hair. If you prefer bathrobes, you can also opt for a hammam towel bathrobe. You can also buy extra towels for your guests. Hammam towels are stylish and colourful; and no doubt you would love them just as much as your guests would. Check out our Santorini Hammam Towel and Ariya Hammam Towel for some ideas for your home.


Peshtemal at home

Hammam towels can be used as throws or blankets. They are beautiful and stylish and will keep you warm on the days you are feeling a bit cold at home.

Hammam towels can also be used as a tablecloth to compliment your dining table. You can also purchase hammam towel napkins for the days where you are hosting dinner parties.

They are also great to decorate your home with and will definitely get many compliments from people who set their eyes on it!


Peshtemal in the kitchen

Smaller hammam towels can be used as kitchen towels.


Peshtemal at the gym/ on the run

Hammam towels are great towels to use when at the gym or if you’re exercising outdoors because they are lightweight, compact and absorbent.


Peshtemal in the park

If you are anything like me and love sitting in the park when the sun is out, then hammam towels would become your new best friend. Hammam towels comes in different sizes and shapes (and colours) so it can make a great picnic blanket to take with you. Once again it is compact and will fit into any bag you have! For those who like to make a statement or stand out from the crowd, check out our Rainbow Hammam Towel.


At Peshtemall we have a broad range of beautiful products in different colours, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy shopping :)


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