a classic peshtemal hammam towel and traditional (terry) towel

Peshtemal vs traditional (terry) towels

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This is a question that many people have asked and here we will explain the key differences. 

Terry towels are what we’re all used to; they are fluffy and thick. Peshtemal on the other hand is flat-woven, which means that it has no fluff. Peshtemal is also thin and lightweight; the cotton fibres are very absorbent and because peshtemals are thin they dry fast. The great thing about peshtemal is that their absorbency and softness improves overtime. We all know that with time terry towels lose their volume and vibrancy.

Terry towels are bulky, heavy to carry around and become a particular nuisance when they have become wet. They take up a lot of space in our washing machines and also take a lot of time to dry. What’s great about peshtemal is that it is compact, it can be rolled perfectly and carried around easily. Why else is this important? Well, it means it would take up less space in your washing machine and save loads of energy. Also, we are being nicer to the environment by reducing the amount of water, electricity and chemicals consumed.

If terry towels do not dry properly they offer the perfect environment for bacteria to grow because of the damp and warm retention. The fact that peshtemal dries very quickly makes them more hygienic and they won’t smell of damp.

Another great aspect is that peshtemal does not collect sand when on the beach unlike a terry towel. Also, terry towels are made with loops, whereas Peshtemals are flat woven so you can simply shake the sand off.

Terry towels are just ‘towels’ however peshtemal is versatile. This means peshtemal can be used as a beach towel, sarong, bath towel, throw, blanket, scarf, and accessory for your home. You can use your imagination when using and styling your peshtemal.

So that is a win win if you ask us!

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